5 Quintessential Records With Good Boy

Good Boy have been smashing out their own brand of hazy lo-fi garage punk rock since 2015, but this year in particular has presented a handful of breakthroughs and exciting opportunities for the laid-back Brisbane lads. The boys have scored landmark sets at both Splendour In The Grass and Laneway, toured with Grinspoon, SkegssThe Creases and, most recently, joined The Orwells, Press Club and Sunscreen for two special Red Bull Sound Select shows in Sydney and Melbourne curated by I OH YOU‘s Johann Ponniah. That’s a couple of tasty combos right there.

Amidst all the buzz surrounding their killer new single “Fishing With A Shotgun” – a rollicking anthem mastered by none other than Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control icon Mikey Young – we asked the chill AF trio to highlight five of the key records that have shaped them as musicians up to now.


“I wasn’t really into Eddy Current around the time Good Boy was forming, and you can tell by our first couple of releases. I wasn’t really into punk music to be honest. Rian urged me to give them a proper listen and after a while I really started enjoying them.”


“After discovering Eddy Current, I began listening to a bunch of other similar bands. Bands like Total Control, Dick Diver, and of course Boomgates. I think this is also in our manager’s top five albums. This band was a huge influence on a few of our newer unreleased songs.”

Good Boy killing it at The Gasometer in Melbourne for Red Bull Sound Select.


“The guitar line in our latest release “Fishing with a Shotgun” was directly influenced by this band and this record. Actually, I think the drums were too. In fact, it’s probably a bit of a rip off, to be honest. Either way, we all love this album.”


“Time for a bit of a change of pace. This album is a favourite for all of us. I think the way they use guitars to create melodies and hooks has influenced us in our writing.”

Good Boy killing it at The Gasometer in Melbourne for Red Bull Sound Select.


“This band is Brisbane royalty. I was late to the Blank Realm party, so this album was my first real taste of the band. I remember seeing these guys at Laneway in 2016 and I was blown away.”

Check out Good Boy’s raucous new single “Fishing With A Shotgun” below: