To accurately describe the complexity that is Mac DeMarco would be an incredible feat. From his spontaneous screams to his quirky and bizarre antics, the Canadian artist puts on a somewhat sloppy yet highly entertaining rollercoaster of a show.

The laid back and shaggy Demarco took the Enmore stage in a nonchalant yet crowd-riling walkout to the Star Wars theme song – beer bottles swinging in each hand. With a sold-out venue and a crowd full of punky teens, DeMarco was in his element and had a non-existent limit for how rogue he could push his performance.

Introducing his band and the seated members of a stage-side bistro table (aka members of LA-based collective, The Internet), Mac jumped into his set of lazy soft rock hits. Fresh off Laneway stages, the indie slacker played plenty of songs off his new album, ‘This Old Dog’. He enraptured the crowd with songs like “My Old Man” and “Still Beating” while playing in a much more energetic tone than the sleepy recordings give off. Fan favourites like “Ode to Viceroy” and “Salad Days” also made their way into the set, while the crowd’s rowdy enthusiasm grew.

DeMarco’s antics became more and more sporadic, with a shoey and several sets of wobbly handstands just the start of it. His tomfoolery continued and ultimately led to a karaoke finale where band members had a go with the mic while Mac hopped on the drums, thus prolonging the encore a bit past the young crowd’s bedtime. Nonetheless, the rambunctious audience danced & chanted along until the very last of several suspenseful final notes.

Photos by Lars Roy.