It’s no secret that the music industry, alongside the entertainment industry, in general, has a deep-rooted problem with sexism. Though many artists and high profile personalities alike have been forthcoming in calling it out for what it is, few have been able to do so as beautifully as Camp Cope.

The Melbourne-based alt-rock trio have finally shared the first single off of their forthcoming sophomore LP and my word, it’s a belter. Staying true to their unapologetically raw, Australian sound, the band takes the opportunity to collectively call out every male in the industry who has told them what they should and shouldn’t do to succeed.

It’s haymaker lines like, “Yeah, just get a female opener that’ll fill the quote!” and “It’s another all-male tour preaching about equality…” that absolutely nail their message on the head and leave us to think, there’s still such a long way to go for the industry to get to where it needs to be.

Check it out below: