Come on, you’ve heard of Car Seat Headrest. Right? Well yeah, of course you have. But have you given them a listen? A proper listen? Go on, give it a go. They’re worth it and Will Toledo deserves a few more ears at this point. With 12 albums under his belt, you’d think he was racing King Gizzard to bury their respective fans in wax.

Car Seat Headrest has come a long way since its start as a low-key solo project Will substituting the backseat of his car (innovative soundproofing for the discerning start-up) for a fully-fledged studio and touring band. Last year’s critically-acclaimed ‘Teens of Denial’ stands on the shoulders of the trial-run albums that came before, and Will’s acerbic wit has remained untouched even as patience for his peers approaches empty. “You have no right to be depressed, you haven’t tried hard enough to like it.”

Today’s track has the radio-ready feel that wrapped ‘Teens of Denial’ without abandoning the messianic aspirations of Car Seat Headrest’s earlier work. Toledo hasn’t given up on you. It’s time to give it up for him.

Listen to “War Is Coming (If You Want It)” below: