Chances are you’ve never heard of ‘Chain Wallet, but hey, thats why we exist…right? Anyways, they are a super cool trio from Norway, that make some really sweet indie-pop tunes. The soundscapes they create could have come straight out of the 80’s, but upholding the view that trends are cyclical, the sound is now refreshing and new in todays world. On ‘Stuck in the Fall’, the synths and guitar licks are funky and never falter. The lyrics are nonsensical and forgettable, but with focus being placed on the catchy as hell hook, “I messed up bad and i’m stuck in the fall”. Like all good pop songs, their isn’t necessarily an attempt to make a lasting impression, in regards to the tracks depth, but that is not to say the genre does not produce brilliant tunes. Chain Wallet have successfully navigated the, at times difficult pop scene, and created a blissful and quite honestly, hugely entertaining listen.