In the middle of last year, you may recall a video for Francis and the Lights‘ “Friends” going viral. Featuring an interpretive dancing Bon Iver and an iconic cameo appearance from Kanye West, there was something strangely refreshing about seeing a burly Justin Vernon, twirling and moving in sync with friend and collaborator Francis and the Lights.

Anyways, after reaching out to Chance the Rapper to provide a guest verse on the remix of ‘Farewell, Starlite!’ cut “May I Have This Dance”, the track’s film clip serves as the sequel to the “Friends” video.

Cloaked in darkness, the opening scenes sees the two of them lightly shimmy in unison before Chance is left alone to practice a dance routine, ruminating over every move. Following the delivery of his verse, Francis rejoins him as the pair break out in another one of Francis and the Lights’ trademark contemporary routines.