Changing Gears: Q&A With Gold Coast Indie Quartet Ivey

Starting off as a garage band comprising two teenage brothers and their neighbour, Ivey have crept up the local radar, scoring support slots alongside heavyweights like Miami Horror, Tiny Little Houses and Ocean Alley while also building their own catalogue of infectious indie-pop cuts.

Last month, the four-piece tore it up at BIGSOUND, and if their jangly new single “Out Of Time” — which features the production chops of Brissie-based German producer Konstantin Kerstig (Amy Shark, The Jungle Giants) — is anything to go by, there’s a lot more groovin’ to come from the Gold Coast natives.

We chatted to the band about their history, songwriting process, and burger obsession.

Best Before: How was the band created?

Ivey: The band was formed five years ago when 15-year-old Lachie (guitar/vocals) went to a family friend’s house party and discovered 12-year-old-Millie (vocals) singing for her extended family. He asked her to join the already established band — Lachie, Matt (drums) and Dante (bass) had been playing together for two years prior as kids — and so Ivey was created, and here we are.

What independent artists and bands have influenced your sound the most?

I guess every new independent artist we listen to that we love influences us, especially in today’s music scene where there is just so much going on! Early on for us, it was always indie outfits like The Jungle Giants and San Cisco etc. Our sound is really developed now by how we want to sound, and not particularly how someone else sounds. However, if we are talking about current independent artists that inspire us, friends like The Creases, Ruby Fields, The Jensens, The Moving Stills and Concrete Surfers are doing really cool things and making great music.

What inspires the lyrics and melodies?

Literally anything, from particular moments or memories, to people that have affected us directly, or from experiences. However, our lyrics always seem to have an overarching theme of love.

Did your families and friends support your decision to pursue music?

Yep, right from the get-go. All of our families really pushed us to pursue music, and pushed the band to where it now. They still do push us and support us currently, with Adam McGuffie (Lachie and Matt’s dad) acting as our current tour manager.

Are any members self taught, or did you take lessons?

We all took lessons on our respective instruments at some point in our lives, but Millie and Lachie never took singing lessons (if that counts, ha!).

What are five things you cannot live without?

— Guitars
— Books
— Burgers (Matt and Dante literally try a different burger in each new place they go to, even if it’s just a new suburb!)
— The ocean (may sound SUPER CORNY but we all live near the beach and we lurv it)
— Netflix? (We all love binge watching series, especially Millie)

If there was one motto/quote you could live by what would it be?

Love now, love always.

How much time do you usually spend creating new songs?

In the past, if we’re being really honest, we didn’t invest a lot of time into creating and perfecting new songs. We just wrote them, and played them. Now that we’ve learnt a lot more in the field of songwriting, we are taking our time, and helping each other to create songs that we all love. Sometimes this can take an hour, and sometimes it can take several weeks.

What part about being a musician do you enjoy the most?

Playing live is definitely the highlight for all of us. Playing music to an enthusiastic crowd and connecting with people you’ve never met before through the music you’ve written is something not many people get to do, and it is something you really cherish as a band.

What are your plans for the coming months?

We want to release a larger body of work in the near future, and also keep up some extensive touring. We are working very hard, and we know that hard work pays off. So we’re just going to keep putting out music, keep playing shows, and keep building ourselves as songwriters and musicians.

Listen to “Out Of Time” here: