The North American market has never been an easy one to break into. Countless artists have tried, and where many have succeeded, many have failed. The latest songstress to try their luck is Bing, a Chinese singer who’s already made quite the mark in her home country. She brings with her a hybrid of Eastern and Western sounds that proves to be quite the compelling combination, showing that maybe she does have what it takes to make it.

“Hanging On” isn’t your normal pop song. There’s no reason it should be. At over five minutes long, “Hanging On” feels like a journey through heartbreak, lead by Bing as her vocals soar over the instrumental. Although the lyrics are at times difficult to understand, Bings voice maintains a distinct character, adding to the theme of the song effectively through her vocal delivery.

Bing’s voice is complemented by the unique instrumental, which fuses elements from Western music, like EDM and rock, as well as sounds many Westerners would identify as natively Asian. This integration is done seamlessly and effectively, giving the listener an experience that is both pleasant and memorable.

You can listen to “Hanging On” below: