It’s not often that I’m excited by the news of a video game release. I’m not saying I’ll turn down a game of Mario Kart if given the chance, but you get the idea. However, English indie-folk trio Daughter recently announced that they will release their forthcoming third album as a 13-song score for video game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Cue my personal countdown to September 1st.

With the release of their newest single, “Burn It Down”, we get a sneak peak into the video game’s realistic and emotional themes, while also hearing the sulky and hauntingly beautiful sounds the band is well-known for. The new track is considerably intense, with dramatic and raw lyrics that reflect the storyline for Life is Strange. With a goosebump-inducing melody and vocals that ring with impassioned repetition, the single is sure to be one of many chilling, yet relatable tracks to come from Daughter’s new LP, ‘Music from Before The Storm’.