Feature: 5 Quintessential Records With nyck

Melbourne based nyck have, in such a short time, become the next band to watch coming out of Australia. Having released their debut single “Decision”, a lurching piano led ballad of concise but expansive emotionality, almost a year ago, the duo has gone on to sell out their first show, share yet another single “Speak Your Mind”, and tour with the girl of the moment Amy Shark on her completely sold out “Adore” tour.

Their latest single “Speak Your Mind” is devastating in its earnest and skeletal brashness with frontman Nick Acquroff’s raw vocals emanating an immeasurable range of visceral responses in all who hear it. With this decisive and emotionally in tune nature emanating from the band, we decided to get the lowdown on Nick’s top five biggest musical inspirations in the form of albums before their “Speak Your Mind” tour hits our Sydney shores.


“I love how across this whole album, nothing really happens. It just finds a groove, an incredible one, and sticks to it. It feels so good. It’s so natural and live and it’s so off the cuff. It’s so warm to have on around the house, and the lyrics are so incredible. My favourite track is “Madame George”. It sits in this incredible space and doesn’t really have a chorus or a pre chorus or anything, but it’s got all of these lyrically beautiful phrases; “the clicking clacking of the high heeled shoes”, “Gone for cigarettes and matches at the shops.” It’s also how old it sounds. The hiss and the buzz, the mistakes and his continual references to Cypress Avenue.”


“Paul Simon taught me about lyrics more than anyone else, and that it’s ok to be really happy when you write songs. I always find it really easy to make sad music, and because of that, always really admire people who can write happy. Graceland is this wonderful, eccentric blend of styles and genres and I love the lyricism. He also does this thing with his lyrics that no one else does. He writes like a novelist. Lines like; “I was having this discussion in a taxi heading downtown, rearranging my position on this friend of mine who had a little bit of a breakdown. I said “hey you know breakdowns come and breakdowns go, what are you gonna do about it that’s what i’d like to know?””


“The whole album is genius, but I’ve never heard an album that ties a concept together so well. This idea of Mike Skinner writing an entire album about losing 1000 pounds and how that sent his life into a tailspin and made him turn on everyone he knew. Also the way he made such a mundane event turn into something incredibly profound. My favourite song is “Empty Cans” with my favourite lyric from the song being, “Can you rely on anyone in this world? No you can’t, it’s not my fault it’s wall to wall empty cans.””


“This is the soundtrack to my childhood and my life. These songs played behind all our family dinners, along with The Beatles. Neil Finn (and Tim) gave me this incredible insight into melody and songwriting that goes so far beyond just emotion. It’s emotional, sure, but it’s also so clever, so perfectly executed, so live and warm and melodic. Fuck, I love this album a lot. Every song is incredible.”


“It just makes you feel way cooler than you are, and that’s important. I love how they took rock music and put it on a grid. How they made everything so rigid and modular. So perfect but also so gritty.”

Check out nyck’s tour details for “Speak My Mind” below:

Fri 21 Apr | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW (18+) [Tickets here]

Fri Apr 28 | Workers Club, Melbourne VIC (18+) [Tickets here]

Pre-order their debut EP ‘Alive’ (June 9) here, AND peep the tracklist and album artwork whilst you’re at it too:


  1. Speak My Mind
  2. Decision
  3. Resident
  4. This Might Be My Year
  5. The Summer Inside