I love rap music, but even the most committed rap fan has to admit the market has been a little dry lately. There’s only so much trap one can listen to before it all starts to sound a little rigid. Enter G-Worthy, a new rap collective out of L.A. that are bringing on some serious West Coast nostalgia.

Made up of members G Perico, whose record ‘All Blue’ dropped earlier this year, Jay Worthy of LNDN DRGS and Cardo, who’s produced records for an array of rappers from Kendrick Lamar to Jay Z, G-Worthy are bringing back an old school sound of G-funk that people have been chasing since the ‘90s.  Their debut self-titled EP (originally called ‘Never Miss’) recently dropped via Fool’s Gold Records, and each song is a nod to a seemingly long-forgotten era of gangsta rap.

Grace your ears with G-Worthy and enjoy this break from the auto-tuned monotony of the current rap scene: