Will Wiesenfeld AKA ‘Baths’ has just released a new album titled ‘Sunset Mountain’ under his new alias, ‘Geotic’. This is his second release under this moniker, the first is called ‘Morning Shore’, and it is the second in a trilogy labelled ‘Eon Isle’. It’s a lot to take in but it is worth it, as each album focuses solely on one sound or instrument. The first album consisted of purely guitars, ‘Sunset Mountain’ is just Will’s gorgeous haunting vocals and the third is to be just pianos. The album, from what we’ve heard so far is an absolute dream and is sure to be an album of choice when the weight of the world is just a little to much to bare.

Stream ‘Sunset Mountain’ in full on Pitchfork Advance here

And the album can be bought on his Bandcamp for 7 fricken bucks here