NOVAA is proving a prolific force in electronic music, having first caught our attention at the end of 2016 with her debut solo LP ‘Stolen Peaches’. Just last month, she teamed up with long-time collaborator and fellow German producer Moglii on dazzling cut “Fantasy”. This time ’round, NOVAA has linked up with Mannheim local LOΒ for “Lights”, a project for Majestic Casual.

Driven by sharp synths and spacey percussion, the track shows the pair’s penchant for melody, rhythm and space. NOVAA’s celestial vocals weave their way through measured, minimal layering, twinkles of video game-like samples and dancefloor-ready percussion. It’s already creeping up on electronic music charts, and is sure to be one you’ll blast all Euro summer/Aussie winter long.

Check it out here: