New Zealand-born, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Wallace is Australia’s latest golden steal from our kiwi neighbours. The singer-songwriter follows NZ’s strong line of neo-soul purveyors, from Kimbra to Fat Freddy’s Drop, wrapping her smooth vocals around jazz-inflected elements, simmering melodies, and thrilling lyricism. She’s collaborated with Aussie hip hop legends Thundamentals and Sampa the Great, and performed at some of Australia’s biggest music festivals, including Listen Out, Lost Paradise and BIGSOUND.

Co-written with Eskimo Joe‘s Joel Quartermain, Wallace’s most recent single “Black Lake” showcases her honey vocals, oozing over a light marimba riff and bubbling percussion. It fits nicely alongside sprightly lead single “Raffled Roses” and the wonderfully dramatic strings of new standout cut “Negroni Eyes”.

Listen to ‘Pole To Pole’ here:

Image: Matthew Predney