Canadian duo Heartstreets draw inspiration from the golden era of ’90s RnB, melding potent, straight-up melodies with elements of modern electronica, soul and RnB. The eclectic old friends had been developing their own artistry independently for quite some time, but they joined forces just last year to take their shared love of music to the wider world.

Heartstreets have set a new standard with their chilling, effortlessly cool new single “Crawling South”. The unique, reflective break-up song conduces spine-tingling chills with its amalgamation of steely, impassioned vocals, stark, pulsating 808-style beats and carefully-crafted, heavy-hitting transitions.

The accompanying video is another beautiful, progressive artistic feat. Conceptualised and directed by local friend and creative Charlotte Ratel, it’s a visual summation of the ‘break up box’ – the idea of everyone keeping an emblem or relic in memoriam of a past loved one. Both thematically and visually, it’s a perfect fit for the sombre, introspective nature of “Crawling South”.

Introduce yourself below: