‘ILoveMakonnen’ is now a household name for ‘Tuesday’ Feat. Drake and he has just dropped a new track with a different sort of household name, Ezra Koenig of ‘Vampire Weekend’. The song is a guaranteed banger, dance hit of 2014 bla bla… but that is not why its being posted or why you should listen to it. The only reason you should listen is to hear Ezra spit absolute fire. For example “summer 2014, shmoney dancing with some goth teens, motherfukkers leaking nudes, why they gotta be so rude?. AM I RIGHT!? He completely takes over the track, in the most uncool of cool ways possible a indie pop, skinny, white guy singer can. Whilst we might, and the world might, ironically inflate the brilliance of the rap, it actually fits in perfectly with the vibe of the song and helps add another notch on the ever increasing belt of ‘ILoveMakonnen’.