There’s never been a better time to stock up on microwave popcorn and whip out your box set collection of The OC. Luminary local singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell has released her own version of the hit TV series’ theme song, Phantom Planet‘s “California” — the cornerstone of what has become one of pop culture’s most iconic soundtracks.

Foregoing the instantly-recognisable keys riff and percussive builds, Mitchell relies on her strongest instrument  — her voice  — to carry the sentiment, over nothing but steady strums of an acoustic guitar. A soft glockenspiel interlude lifts the mood, before Mitchell’s wispy vocals weave through the final chorus: “California, here we cooooome”.

The cut closely follows Mitchell’s ‘Distant Call’ tour alongside Dustin Tebbutt, as well as her recent feature on SUPERCRUEL’s debut single “November”.

Reminisce to “California” here: