Everything we know about Hox Loci is tightly wrapped up within his highly elusive debut outing ‘1’. The indie-rock artist first appeared on the scene when he dropped his first single “Rinse & Repeat” at the beginning of August. The sweeping pop rock gem immediately struck a chord with the team here at BB HQ, and since we’ve had our ears glued firmly to the ground waiting for more.

Luckily for all of us, we didn’t have to wait too long. After sharing his second single “Talk About Nothing”, as well as a cheeky cover of Kirk Van Houten‘s timeless anthem “Can I Borrow A Feeling?”, Loci has dropped his first EP, aptly titled ‘1’.

A courageous meld between the brooding, robotic sounds on Yeezy’s ‘808s and Heartbreaks’ and the glory days of British indie rock, ‘1’ takes the listener on an absolute ride as it delves deeper and deeper into the vast musicianship of Hox Loci over the course of five sharp and catchy tracks.

Stream the EP below: