Hailing from Gothenburg, pals Nelly Daltrey and Tuva Lodmark stepped up from jamming in their school music room to form Pale Honey. Their debut EP ‘Fiction’ (2014) was a gritty introduction to the pair’s gritty soundscapes, which marries the minimal melodic guitar lines of The xx with distortion-driven riffs in the vein of PJ Harvey and Warpaint. The follow-up to their self-titled 2015 album, the pair’s new LP ‘Devotion’ sees brooding lyricism, fuzzy guitar textures and bold choruses.

Written about Lodmark’s experiences of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, lead single “Get These Things out of My Head” sports the trifecta. Lodmark says she wanted to be true to herself, and shed light on just how common the condition is: “I wanted  to change the lyrics for the song to be about something else before we recorded the vocals. I was so afraid of what other people would know about me. But after I gave it some thought… why would I censor myself that way? We make music because it’s true. We write to deal with ourselves and things that happen around us.”

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