Perth native Georgia Reed first turned heads last year with her reflective songwriting and compelling vocals. Her breakthrough tracks “Helen” and “Waiting For You To Run” were quickly picked up for radio play by triple j, spotlighting the singer-songwriter as a compelling new force in local music. Her latest single “The Fear”, an ode to alienation that is both dynamic and direct, arrives as her boldest foray yet.

Reed’s quick evolution as an artist is evident as the track transforms from a heartfelt ballad into a bold guitar and drum-driven interplay, and her smooth harmonies and soaring vocal lines provide just a sneak peek of what’s still to come. The new video for the cut melds memory-tinted home video with an introspective present, connected only by a sound that is timeless.

We picked Reed’s brain on her artistic process, touring rituals, dream collaborators, and even a bit of Disney.

Best Before: If you had the chance, who would you rather have a writing session with, Lana Del Rey or Florence and the Machine and why?

Georgia Reed: Florence and the Machine. Florence has a very commanding presence on stage, and I think the music they write is so unique to them as a band.

Which Disney character would you associate yourself with?

Snow White, or more particularly, the witch from Snow White! Haha! I used to watch the 1993 version on video when I was little and I had this fascination with her. Whenever I had to go to dress-up events, I would go as an evil witch!

What the inspiration when behind your “The Fear”?

I could feel sadness in the music even before I wrote the lyrics and I wanted to stay true to that, so I wrote about a sadness I had felt for some time. I think it was mainly inspired by the feeling the music gave me, and then that led me to write the lyrics.

What was the writing process for your latest single and did the process differ from previous recordings?

All of my songs come to me in the shower. I think it’s when I’m most deep and free in thought. I was singing the melody in the shower for a long time, and then put it together on my laptop to send to my band. We played it together once and I got such a deep feeling, whenever I played it back that I decided I would take it with me to record in the studio.

If you could pick any dead or alive artist to feature on one of your tracks, who would it be?

I think Loyle Carner. I caught one of his shows in Perth recently and was really inspired by his presence on stage. He is deeply connected to his music and I felt such a respect for that. His passion really resonated with everyone and I immediately went home after and downloaded his album.

Who would you love to support you on tour?

There are a lot of local bands that I would love to tour with! Young Robin, Cloning the Mammoth, and Death by Denim are just some to name. They are incredibly talented and make great music.

Which excites you the most, touring or recording and why?

Playing my music live will always be my greatest love. It’s where I really connect with people and there’s honestly nothing I love more in the world.

Do you have a pre-show ritual before you go on stage?

I drink loads of water and pretty much warm up all day from mid-morning.

What is your most memorable experience performing live?

Supporting ‘The Delta Riggs’ at The Rosemount Hotel last year. The vibe in the room that night was incredible! You definitely feed off it, and I had such an amazing time!

Check out the nostalgic home video-intercut visuals for “The Fear” here:

And here’s where you can catch Georgia live:


Saturday 19 August  – Bar 459 – Perth
Wednesday 6 September – Footstomp Music Party @ Greaser – Brisbane
Friday 8 September – The Milk Factory – Brisbane
Sunday 10 September – The Grace Darling – Melbourne

Main image by Max Fairclough.