London indie-electronica-folk-acoustic-everything three-piece Mt. Wolf seem to possess an unshakable work ethic. The eclectic young band have churned out three EPs – ‘Life Size Ghosts’, ‘Hypolight’ and ‘Red’ – in the past three years and are now gearing up for the release of yet another one. The boys already shared the shimmering, arresting title track “Hex” a few months ago, and now they’ve returned with a haunting, epic second glimpse. “Anacrusis” is a soul-stirring, six-and-a-half-minute journey through disparate, carefully-layered melodies, serene acoustic finger-picking, and organic, rolling percussion. The track really ramps it up with that spiritual experience of a chorus, summoned in by crashing drums and Sigur Rós-esque falsetto wailing. It’s undoubtedly Mt. Wolf’s most compelling effort yet.

The ‘Hex’ EP will drop March 25th, and the band have mentioned plans for an album to drop not long after… *heavy breathing*

Hear “Anacrusis” below: