Tongan born, New Zealand raised, and now Berlin based singer-songwriter Noah Slee is one of those stupidly talented slashers who oozes excellence, depth and skill across every little element of their artistry. Flawless, radio-ready soul melodies? Check. A rich voice with an impressive range and wildly affecting honesty? You bet. Consistently progressive, unorthodox production that catches you off guard with a bunch of unexpected (and incredible) twists and turns? You bet.

Mr. Slee is still sorely underrated at the moment, but with the release of his debut album 'Otherlands' on the horizon (out August 25 via the widely trusted Majestic Casual), here's to hoping that his refreshing take on the often tired tropes of electronic, soul and pop music will catch on like wildfire. We've already heard a few amazing moments from the LP; "Lips" is a jarring little jam with a game-changing chorus, "Told" rolls along on a flurry of heartfelt verses and a piercing falsetto chorus, and "Sunrise" glows with a funky AF energy thanks to a smouldering bass line and a spread of charismatic vocal acrobatics.

Slee's latest single "Radar" builds on all that dizzying promise. Kicking off with a bouncy Cosmo's Midnight-esque synth soundscape, the track eventually builds into a soaring pop anthem that will force you to hit that repeat button more than a few times in a row. One thing's for sure: Noah Slee won't be flying under the radar for much longer…

Hear "Radar" below: