“Just a boy and his computer.”

It’s a brief little description, but it really does sum up Sean Wharton – otherwise known as On Planets – better than any long-winded biography ever could. The modest Vancouver-based producer has established himself over the past few months as a unique, progressive remixer, sharing alternative takes on hits from DrakeJack Ü, Gallant and more.Today, Wharton has unveiled his debut solo single.

“Brief Pause” (out via Manifold) is unlike anything we’ve ever heard before; it strikes a fascinating balance between the future bass flavour of his remixes and organic, spacious alternative textures in the same realm as Youth Lagoon or even The Japanese House. “Brief Pause is about a feeling that has no words, but is perhaps the most human of all feelings: when self reflection provokes the turbulent mixture of cold longing and bitter regret with the warmth of loving memories,” Wharton explains. To be honest, we were caught off guard entirely by just how beautifully individualistic the whole song is. Where did this guy even come from?!

Hear “Brief Pause” below: