The Australian electronic scene has a funny way of bringing artists together. From Carmada (L D R U and Yahtzel) to the original What So Not (Flume and Emoh Instead) pairing, the scene has thrived on collaborative efforts, and with the formation of SUPER CRUEL, it looks like we’ve got yet another all-star duo on our hands.

Made up of SA DJ and producer Tigerilla and 1/2 of Sydney electro pop outfit Porsches, SUPER CRUEL have unveiled the project’s debut single “November”.

Featuring the gorgeous vocals of fellow Aussie singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell, “November” tells the story of a love lost. As Mitchell sorts through a chest of heart-rending memories, measured percussive movements, lethargic synth dabs and lightly swarming synth tones float beneath her ethereal voice. Make no mistake, this is beginning of something very special.

Stream “November” below: