Co-written with Odesza collaborator Naomi Wild, KIIRA‘s debut single “Last Time” is a lush introduction to her striking pop sensibilities. The Paris-born, Zürich-raised and now US-based singer-songwriter teamed up with Texan rapper Noah North for the track, which sees sparse bass underscoring KIIRA’s gooey vocals, as she navigates through an earworm melody intercut with synth-driven drops, leading up to NN’s bouncy bars. Featuring polished production, and heart-on-sleeve lyricism centred on trust and negativity, it’s a smooth first taste of KIIRA’s artistry.

At just 20 years of age, she’s currently working alongside three-time Grammy winner Justin Trugman (Eminem, Wu-Tang, Ice Cube) on new material. We’ll be staying tuned to see the gold she follows this with.

Check it out here: