Take Five With Disco Pop Quintet Aegean Sun

Summer playlists were made for songs like “Feel Real”, the debut track from Sydney-based five-piece Aegean Sun. Having formed when pals Tim Kesby and Jack Pash found their songwriting match in each other, the outfit has since expanded to include mates Riley Maher, Justin Hendry. Together, the boys have been working away at an EP, and their first single — inspired their first ever jam session together — is a shimmering blend of psych-infused indie pop, laced with a carefree melody and earworm groove.

Speaking about the song, Aegean Sun says, “It was the last track that was put together for the record and it came about after us wanting to explore a more pop sound and shorter song format… Funnily enough the last song we wrote for the EP is going to be the first one we put out. We wanted to write an upbeat pop song that was enjoyable and accessible while still being able to to explore some more complex musical and lyrical themes. It’s a pop song — it’s made to be enjoyed by people.”

Vocalist Jack Pash took some time out to chat about about the band’s origins, influences and pre-show traditions, ahead of the release of their ‘Odyssey in Blue’ EP.

Best Before: When did you start making music?

Jack Pash: I started out making weird electronic and drone tracks properly when I was about 16, before that I’d really just been learning guitar. The only gear I had was a guitar, a few pedals, and a hi-fi system. I was always interested in the obscure, probably more so at that age than I am now, and I wanted to kind of replicate that sound with the crude equipment I had. It was probably good in a sense; I learnt to work with almost nothing and make something you could probably classify as music.

What sacrifices have you made to pursue a career in music?

It’s easy to be neglectful of a lot; relationships, being frugal or wise with your money, and in a lot of ways — as with any of the creative arts — it can kind of be viewed from the outside as a hobby or fleeting interest that you’ll probably grow out of. In that respect, people don’t understand why you’d make sacrifices or invest enormous amounts of your time and money into a creative pursuit which they might feel is better directed towards a ‘worthwhile’ or ‘likely to succeed’ career choice.

Now that your new single is out, what’s next in store?

We’re hoping to play a bunch of shows through the Summer and Autumn. The new single is for people dance to so we’re really looking forward to getting out there in the heat and workin’ it out live. Other than that, we have another single coming up early in 2018 followed by our debut EP, which I can’t wait for.

If you could pick any dead or alive artist to work with, who would it be and why?

It’d probably be Yussef Kamaal. I was pretty obsessed with the ‘Black Focus’ record, and all the recordings and videos I’ve seen from their live performances are insane. They’re incredibly musical in a way which I don’t think I could ever be, but I think we’d make a pretty hot record together!

What do you love most about performing?

It can be a weird; a kind-of primal experience. I don’t really think when I’m on stage, in terms of trying to maintain the ‘cool band’ image, and there’s no kind of self-conscious monologue forcing you to suppress yourself. I love walking around and jumping into the crowd. I love seeing bands from an audience perspective, where you can tell the music is kind of possessing them and is totally visceral.

What is your proudest moment as a band so far?

Probably finishing the final mix on ‘Odyssey in Blue’. I think it’s the track that represents the band best. It’s eight and a half minutes long and was really tedious to record. The vocals are sung in a really high falsetto, but when we finally nailed the last take, I think we all realised that it was something special, and that it had to be challenging to record to turn out so lush.

What are three Sydney-based bands that we should be keeping an eye out for?

We all really love SCK CHX, Moody Beach, and The Posse.

Listen to “Feel Real” here: