The ‘Friend Zone’ is a topic very keenly debated amongst social groups of a younger demographic. It has to have at least come up once in your life if you are a young adult or teenager in the modern day world. It may have even referred to you at some point: Actual Guy – “Duuuuudddeee… she’s Friend-Zoning me”. Women deny it’s existence but the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable… i think. Whether it’s a real phenomenon or not, you cannot deny its hypothetical and pop culture existence, thus the creation of a new Wale (pronounced Wal-eh) song featuring a favourite of ours, Chance The Rapper. Lately it seems that no matter what track Chance jumps on, its quality increases ten fold. ‘Friendship Heights’ comes off Wale’s latest mix-tape ‘Festivus‘, and its an incredibly smooth track. The production is simple, the beat progression is consistent, resembling a reggae sound with a simple drum clap, and the hook is catchy as hell. The lyrics and their relatable quality is what will get people listening again and again. The two deal with the ‘Zone’ aptly and concisely but it is perhaps best summed up by a singing Chance “But whenever you got lonely, needed some advice, You’d call me your brother, that word is cold as ice”. The lyrics will hit home for the guys that believe they are stuck in the ‘Zone’, but are more than likely just experiencing unrequited love. Either way, ouch.