Right at the tail end of February, Brisbane’s Danny Harley – AKA The Kite String Tangle – filled a gaping electronic-pop-shaped hole in all of our hearts with “Selfish”, his first single in over two years. Littered with his signature razor-sharp synth work and thoughtful transitions, the track was a very welcome return to form for the genius producer.

With his completely sold-out headline tour wrapping up, Harley has kept the momentum going with a haunting new video accompaniment for “Selfish”. Directed by the revered Alexandra Green – who has worked with heavyweights like , Laura Marling, HONNE and Frightened Rabbit – the shadowy clip follows a seriously distressed protagonist as he symbolically flees from an ominous hooded figure in the dead of night. Alexandra Green is an absolute genius and an incredible choreographer, so it’s no surprise that this is a flawlessly directed and blocked video from start to finish.

We’ll be keeping a very close eye on The Kite String Tangle this year – who knows what magic is in the pipeline from Mr. Danny Harley?